If you've just built an epic gaming PC, or you're considering making one then its reasonably natural to want to take your new graphics for a spin. As a gamer, we love to push our tech to the limits, and that used to be by referring to Crysis as one of the most demanding games ever. Those days are long gone, and as it happens, there is a wealth of new titles that'll test out the horsepower of your shiny new graphics card. Read on to find out the best looking games of 2019.

Tomb Raider

#1 Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to have ray tracing implemented, but even without that technology, SotTR is one of the best looking games around at the moment. A benchmarking package is included with the game as standard so you can test out your card's power.

SotTR uses HDR impeccably along with tesselation to deliver ruins covered in moss, jungles riddled with wildlife, and decaying rocks that are practically true to life in detail. The texture complexity and realism is heightened thanks to the geometric detail, primarily when shadows are utilized to cover an object which highlights areas that are recessed or raised. Indeed, a considerable contender to test your graphics card coping mechanisms!

#2 Battlefield 5

The breathtaking fire effects, realistic character models, and faces are what makes Battlefield V shine. It's currently one of the handfuls of available games around at the moment that can handle ray tracing, which is an essential factor if you've shelled out for an RTX card. 

Ray tracing is beneficial for reflecting areas of a scene that aren't currently shown on display, and it also means that complex surface reflexions appear more realistic. Earlier this year, a patch was added to Battlefield 5, which enabled DLSS support for the game. If you own an RTX card, then Battlefield 5 will take full advantage of its capabilities.

#3 Metro Exodus

Most of the games in the Metro series have been visually impressive, but Exodus takes this to another level. Metro Exodus is another ray tracing supporter and enables some fantastic reflections which are noticeable in both snow and water.

The environment and characters are both visually pleasing, and that's further helped by the implementation of the DLSS technology. The difference between RTX on and off is subtle but certainly packs some power when turned on. This is especially true in instances where light is reflected off moving elements such as water.

#4 Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

AC Odyssey is most definitely the best-looking title in the Assassin's Creed series so far. The design and technical capabilities of this game are almost unmatched, taking full advantage of the Greek landscape with its picturesque backdrop and diverse range of environments. Everything from the voyages on the naval vessel to the brutal assassinations has been given exceptional attention to detail. Thanks to the sprawling setting, enthusiasts can push their cards to the limit with a stress test for draw distance capabilities. A 30 FPS cloth animation applies to character models, which slightly lets the game down, which impacts on the character looking strange when the rest of the game sits at 60 FPS.

#5 Hitman 2

The sequel to the first Hitman title pushes the graphics capabilities to the max. This is due to the use of their Glacier 2 engine in environments such as the streets of Mumbai filled with crowds, and with a few tweaks, Hitman 2 can be visually as stunning and remarkable as the level of gameplay being delivered. 

The prologue of the game is where we first experience the reflection tech being used when approaching the beach house and seeing the midnight sky being reflected in the windows, adapting as Agent 47 approaches. If an enemy catches you sneaking behind them in the mirror, it'll have a pretty negative impact which is brought to life again thanks to their Glacier engine.