The Top 5 Reveals for Gamers at CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show is a wide-ranging event showcasing products from dishwashers to connected sex toys, but there are always a few gaming-centric announcements and product debuts too. Here are the top 5 reveals that should get gamers excited in 2020:

Samsung’s Odyssey G9

Samsung’s Odyssey G9 49-inch curved gaming monitor

Curved monitors have long been the domain of ultra-premium gamers, and it looks like Samsung is getting ready to push the envelope once again, both in terms of size and price. The company’s newest, the Odyssey G9, is a 49-inch behemoth that boasts a record-breaking 1000R curve, making it the curviest display on the market. Said curvature reportedly roughly fills the same field of view as the human eye, making for a more immersive gaming experience. Other eye-popping features include a 2560x1440 resolution, 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, FreeSync 2 and G-Sync.

8BitDo’s Zero 2

8BitDo’s Zero 2 keychain controller

Mobile gaming is all the rage, so 8BitDo’s mini keychain controller will surely become a popular accessory in no time. The tiny peripheral, which will only cost $20, is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi and the Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite. It comes in turquoise, yellow and pink and pairs via Bluetooth. No doubt the little gadget could come in handy when you happen to need an extra controller for some impromptu Smash mayhem at a friend’s house.

Origin PC’s Big O

Origin PC’s Big O PC and PS4 combo machine

There was much buzz around Origin PC’s 10th-anniversary publicity stunt, a machine that was composed of an Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro and a Windows PC. And it seems that the feedback was positive enough to warrant a real product. The Big O pairs a custom gaming PC with a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S inside a dual-chamber Corsair Crystal Series 280X case. The entertainment powerhouse won’t come cheap though, with the least pricey configuration clocking in at $2,499.


NVIDIA ASUS ROG Swift 360 gaming monitor

First experts insisted that gamers needed 120Hz refresh rate monitors to ensure they didn’t miss a click in the heat of battle. Then that was upped to 240Hz. Well, it seems Nvidia has seen fit to increase the spec yet again with its new ASUS ROG Swift 360 gaming monitor. Sporting a mind-bending 360Hz refresh rate, it is currently the “fastest esports display” in the world.

Xbox Series X CPU

Xbox Series X CPU leak

Though this is not a specific product, it’s still pretty exciting.  Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer decided CES would be the perfect time to drop a picture showing off the upcoming Xbox Series X’s muscly new hardware. Perhaps influenced by all the 8K television news at the exhibition, the exec replaced his Twitter profile picture with an image of the Xbox’s new processor. While there was no explanation, 8K is clearly etched on the chip, as is the Xbox’s codename Project Scarlett. Of course, 8K is quadruple the pixels of the current standard 4K resolution, meaning the new console will be on the cutting edge when it’s released later this year.