If you think puppy dogs and kittens are cute, wait until you see the next cutest thing of the past month; Baby Yoda! Taking the plunge to share the concept art on Twitter was Jon Favreau, who shared the image for the Mandalorian scene 'Stealing Baby Yoda.' You'd have to be heartless not to fall in love with the wonderful asset, which was revealed at the end of episode one of The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda is a heart-popping addition to the Star Wars realm, leaving fans waiting for more.

Who is baby Yoda?

"The Child" is the name that has been tagged to Baby Yoda in the Disney Plus series, so we don't yet know who he is. Apparently, he may seem baby-like, but he is, in fact, a crisp fifty years of age at this point. If Baby Yoda is, in fact, the Yoda we're used to seeing in the movies, which he most certainly isn't, then it would put a big spanner in the works surrounding consistency for the Star Wars franchise. This is because Yoda passed away in Return of the Jedi at a whopping nine-hundred years of age.

As the concept art on Twitter shows, cuteness just radiates from Baby Yoda with his cute little foot poking out of the bottom of his pint-sized coat. Considering he's fifty years of age, those eyes could belong to a newborn baby if we didn't know any better. Putting it into perspective and considering his age, it's quite intriguing how the internet has exploded over how cute this fifty-year-old baby's toes are!

Are you already hooked to the Mandalorian on Disney Plus? If you were on the fence, this might have been the nudge you needed to start watching.