Its so…. blue!

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The moment many of us have been waiting for, for over ten years to be exact, has finally arrived. The CES trade show saw James Cameron giving us our very first glimpse of Avatar 2 with a bundle of some eye-pleasing concept art pieces. We've been given a look at what the 2021 sequel will look like, including shots of the animals as well as picturesque Pandora.

Avatar 2 concept art in more detail

As first reported by Variety, the concept art shows what appears to be a pair of Na'vi peering towards some tiny islands placed across the oceans. Further, in the distance, we can see banshees resembling birds gliding through the atmosphere.

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James Cameron has given us a very detailed view of a rock with a mysterious shape, which could suggest that Pandora has some human-made elements to its history. Take a look at the water in the concept art below, and you can easily spot a bunch of Ilu, which are Pandora's infamous sea creatures.

Avatar 2, for the moment, remains shrouded in mystery in terms of the plot. If we could take away one thing from the concept art we've seen, it'd be that the Avatar team and James Cameron are creating a fictional world that lets our imaginations run wild. 3D technology was used for the original Avatar movie, and with advances in tech over the past ten years, who know what possibilities Cameron has up his sleeve for the sequel.

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It's not all about the creatures and scenery that'll leave our jaws dropping in Avatar 2, speaking to CNET Cameron says "I also love the hard stuff. The vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, ground vehicles, weapons, the hardware. I'm a total geek when it comes to that stuff. We have a lot of cool vehicles for you." As you can see from the shots below, there is a focus on the world and its creatures. They show a herd of Banshee being landed on by the Na'vi. Then there's the picturesque night scene to tease the movie just that little bit more.

If the concept art is anything to go by, then there's every chance Avatar 2 could knock Avengers: Endgame right off the top spot to take the box office crown when it releases December 17, 2021.