We travel to the country of France for our next artist spotlight and focus on a street artist who infuses pop culture into their art. The mysterious street artist OakOak creates incredible works of art out of sidewalks, walls, fire hydrants, or anything else they can get their hands on. While not all of the work is influenced by pop culture, there are plenty of pieces that prove OakOak’s love for video games and a certain famous animated sitcom: 

OakOak seems to be a big fan of retro gaming, with art featuring characters from Duck Hunt, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter II (which is how we stumbled upon OakOak’s work in the first place!) In fact, they have a whole area of their website dedicated to just gaming artwork. OakOak also seems to have a deep appreciation for The Simpsons, Futurama, Calvin and Hobbes, and many other mid-to-late 90s and 00s comics and animation. 


Old in 2016 in dresden. #honda #firehydrant #streetfighter2 #oakoak #2016 #streetart #art #videogame #nintendo #urban

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As you can see, OakOak is very active on social media, with thriving Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that show off their incredible artwork. You can also visit OakOak’s personal website for even more artwork and an opportunity to bring home some pieces of your own (we won’t say no if someone wants to send us that Duck Hunt portrait…)


Old work by Oakoak #oakoak #futurama #streetart

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If you find an OakOak piece in the wild (like the ingenious yet kind of creepy Leela piece above,) be sure to let us know on Facebook, and Instagram @thesubnation or on Twitter @realsubnation! If you or someone you know is an artist, musician, or actor, we’d love to show off your talents! Send us some of your best video game or pop culture-inspired work and you could be featured in the next Artist Spotlight!