Proof that Aliens have cloning capabilities!


The tech team over at Alienware have unveiled a new concept design for their new hybrid portable PC. The design shows the possibility of having detachable controllers (Joy-Cons Cough!) on each side of the device, with the option of docking the system for output to a TV or monitor. This sounds strangely familiar for some reason, oh that's why, Nintendo brought out an almost identical design concept nearly three years ago called a Nintendo Switch!

ufo 2

So what is this new Alienware device?

In a recent tweet from the official Alienware twitter account, the company announced the release of their new hybrid gaming system:

''We're always pushing what's possible in the realm of gaming. Introducing our newest gaming innovation, #ConceptUFO.''


The new portable computer from Alienware we now know as Concept UFO boasts Alienware's usual aesthetics, other than that though it looks like a Windows 10 capable Nintendo Switch system (the more expensive Switch, not the Lite). Okay, there's nothing to say that a system that has a much more extensive library of games than a Switch with speed demon internals is a bad thing. Putting that aside, though, there are undoubtedly several unknowns to consider and whether the Concept UFO will ever make its way onto this planet after all.


"surprisingly functional." are the words used to describe the prototype Concept UFO that The Verge managed to get their hands on. Using the same concept as the current-gen Switch, the controllers of the Concept UFO are connectable using a grip that provides gamers with the same sensation as using a mainstream gamepad. Putting the similarities even closer, Concept UFO uses a kickstand to prop the console into an upright position. Still, the significant difference to the Switch is that Concept UFO weighs around three times more BUT boasts a 1200p 8-inch screen. 


At the time of writing |Alienware has kept their cards close to their chest in terms of what's under the hood of their new device, although from the exterior, there's every possibility it'll pack more power than Nintendo Switch. However, that'll also mean a heftier price tag.

If the idea of a super-powerful hybrid gaming console is something that ticks all the right boxes, then you might want to wait it out to see if the rumored Switch successor, offering more power, is set to release this summer. Much like the likelihood of Concept UFO making its way to production, a more powerful Switch is only speculation for now.