5 Netflix Shows That We’d Binge on as Games

With news of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell getting the full Netflix dramatization and adaptation treatment, it’s pretty clear that games-as-shows are a thing. But in that great George Castanza tradition, we’re thinking about the possibilities that the opposite could deliver. Specifically, those Netflix streaming properties that are ready to be gamified straight to your console or mobile devices. Let’s see where that takes us, shall we?

Tiger King Kong

As a pixelated Joe Exotic, you better be ready to dodge PETA-funded tigers throwing flaming barrels at you from above, and pesky Federal authorities trying to send you away for a dime at Leavenworth in this zany genre mash-up and arcade throwback where everyone wants a piece of you — at least that’s how you feel. Pre-order and play as Dr. Bhagavan “Doc” Antle AND all of his wives as they use mind control to make you think this is all normal somehow.

Civilization 7: House of Cards

This project has been hard to get on the front burner since the cancellation of planned Kevin Spacey DLC but we still have hope for the next entry in the Civilization series, in which you rise to power, take unimaginable risks with the health and well-being of the people who elected you, and pour even more wealth into the coffers of the business fat cats who support your corrupt regime. Wait…that all sounds too unbelievable. Nobody’s going to buy into that. Next!

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt: The Show: The Game

In a strange twist of events, the player is transported to the Royal Palace in Vizima, not as a warrior or spell-caster, but as the showrunner of a big-budget drama series inspired by a top-flight AAA video game. Navigate the choppy waters of series renewal, COVID-created shooting delays, endless GOT comparisons, and stars demanding additional pressed juice in their trailers. Gaming magic.

NBA 2K: The Last Dance Edition

Jordan, Pippen. Rodman. Jackson. These are superstars who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles in dominant fashion in the 1990s as captured in the dramatic docuseries. So…here’s the thing: you won’t be playing as any of them here. Instead, you’ll be taking the role of 7-foot Australian center Luc Longley as he navigates the egos of his teammates and machinations of management — not to mention homesickness for his beloved Sydney in a quest to not get cut or traded to Phoenix. It’s NBA2K with a lot less basketball! And don’t sell Longley short. The great Air Jordan once described him as “definitely a player on our team at the time.” Hoop it up, y’all!

The West Wing VR

Feeling down? Starting to think come mid-2021 we’ll all be somehow looking back longingly at 2020? Election day pretty much looking like The Purge fan fiction at this point? Fret not my friends. Simply throw on your Oculus headset and get immersed in the warm, fuzzy goodness of a bygone, but an exceptionally well-written era. Less a game and more a…meditation, The West Wing VR is a chance to find your center in the soothing, but always honest, soliloquies of one Josiah Bartlett who, thanks to the magic of virtual reality, has some positive words for you and only you.