If you’ve spent an astounding amount of time taking your inner city’s public transportation, then you know how lethal bus/train boredom can be. Besides jamming out to your far too loud Spotify playlist, reading an autobiography that spills an inordinate amount of tea or doing some plain old people watching, there’s another activity that can keep you occupied. 

And that activity just happens to be playing video games, an amazing pastime that’s occupied the portable gaming space for a very long time. In the current era of interactive entertainment, there’s a nice selection of options out there that allow you to enjoy every genre of gaming there is while you’re outside. These five portable gaming options are hands down the best ways to enjoy some gaming on the go.

Nintendo Switch

The undisputed king of modern portable gaming is undoubtedly the Nintendo Switch. Since its successful launch in 2017, the Switch has managed to pull Nintendo out of the last place console position caused by the failure of the Wii U. And that’s all due to the fact that the Switch gives owners the chance to enjoy major console games on a portable basis. Nintendo’s quality 1st-party offerings are well represented on the Switch, which means you can enjoy Mario, Luigi, Link, Donkey Kong and numerous other gaming icons on the go. Besides the Switch’s exclusive library of games, there’s an incredible lineup of major 3rd-party releases to enjoy and a cool assortment of indie games and last-gen remasters to also hop into. Nintendo’s hybrid home/portable device is an easy choice to make when you’re in the market for a new handheld gaming device.

Nintendo New 3DS XL

While Nintendo’s attention is squarely on the Switch nowadays, that doesn’t mean you should look past its former portable gaming masterpiece. The 3DS may have started out on a weak note, but it has thankfully evolved into an incredible portable experience thanks to improved hardware renditions and a massive library of awesome games. The New 3DS XL is the best version of the medium-sized device – it adds on amibo support, faster processing over the old 3DS models and an extra C-Stick for improved controls on certain games. Now’s the best time to add a New 3DS XL to your console collection, thanks to the myriad of top-tier games available on it. Several of Nintendo’s biggest IP’s have a 3DS game to check out, plus there’s tons of other must have titles that fill out the console’s library quite nicely.

PlayStation Vita

The sequel to the PlayStation Portable stands out as one of the more underappreciated handheld gaming devices ever made. Sony didn’t truly do enough to help the PlayStation Vita thrive, which led to support for the device coming to an end in 2019. Production of the device and future physical cartridge game releases are no more, but there’s still a lot of life left in the PS Vita. The PS Vita 2000 hardware rendition is the version you’ll want to cop, as well as a number of the device’s most outstanding games. While the console is great for enjoying the games specifically made for it, you can also utilize the PS Vita as a sort of portable PlayStation 4 player. The highly touted “Remote Play” feature lets you play PS4 games on the PS Vita, which is a pretty neat feature. With great titles of its own like Persona 4 Golden, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice, the PS Vita presents a great array of games that make it worth a look.

GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP

Now if you’re the type of person who constantly travels for work and desperately need your home console by your side, then this pickup should answer all your gaming prayers. The GAEMS Sentinel Pro is capable of safely containing any version of the PS4 or Xbox One and giving you the opportunity to enjoy it while killing time outside of your home. This peripheral comes in a sturdy protective case that keeps your machine safe, so there’s no need to worry about your console’s safety. The 17.3” FHD Anti-Glare IPS display panel, 3W stereo speakers and TSA friendly dimensions make this selection your go-to for long waits in the airport. You can also hook up a pair of headphones to this bad boy so you can enjoy your intense gaming session without disturbing anyone nearby. The GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP is worth its weight in gold.

Portable Retro Consoles with Built-In Classic Games

Thanks to today’s advancements in technology, you can actually enjoy past 8- and 16-bit games on a portable device. Several big-name gaming publishers such as SEGA, Atari and SNK have ported their classic titles to official handheld machines. And if you’re old enough to remember those games or just curious enough to give them a go, the portable machines we’re including here should be on your wishlist. For SEGA aficionados, there’s the SEGA Ultimate Portable Game Player. Atari offers their Atari Flashback Portable Deluxe Edition for 80s gamers. And SNK’s Neo Geo X lets you enjoy a ton of classic SNK arcade hits. By the way, the hardware gaming development company Hyperkin has a pretty cool portable device of their own that plays retro games. The SupaBoy SFC for example can play Super NES games on the go, which makes it the perfect handheld console needed to take advantage of your massive vault of SNES cartridges.