Our roundup of the strongest entrants to the anime series.

With the recent launch of the One Punch man game across consoles, I thought we'd remember all of our favorite characters from the anime series. Although Saitama is unquestionably the strongest being of the series, still attempting to find any hero or villain to match his strengths, let's not forget all of the other heroes and villains that all have their own unique abilities. Although many of the One Punch man characters have epic strengths individually, there's still a fair amount of their full-strength skills that remain lesser-known to fans, the top hero blast, for example. There's a lot of characters to choose from the series, but we've put together a list of our favorite One punch man characters based on their overall strengths. 


1. Boros

Many could argue that Lord Baros, who heads up the Dark Matter Thieves, is the strongest across the entire series. Baros isn't too dissimilar to Saitama in that he struggles to overcome the crisis of just how powerful he is. Saitama has never come up against an opponent as strong as Boros, who endured a barrage of punches from Saitama. Not only that, Boros had the strength to kick him towards the moon, and was also able to piece his body back together following a punch from Saitama that shattered his body. Boros has the capability of destroying entire planets with a laser beam.


2. Bang

Next up, we have Bang, aka Silver Fang, which, considering his age, deserves the number 2 spot on our list. He founded the Water Stream Smashing Fist and is arguably among the world's strongest martial artists. There are not many other heroes that can avoid breaking a sweat while eliminating dragon-level threats. He surpasses the abilities of the likes of S-Class heroes Metal bat and Atomic Samurai thanks to his speed and precision, and can also hold his own in a physical battle with an awakened Garou.


3. Superalloy Darkshine 

Any One Punch fan follower will know how much of a part Superalloy Darkshine plays in the series in comparison to the other S-Class heroes. From a durability and strength perspective, he's one of the strongest, that's thanks to his tanked body and his ability to be able to endure demon-level attacks without taking damage. He can easily take on Sea King and dragon-level threats such as Carnage Kabuto without any issues. Darkshine gained his abilities through continuous training and hard work.


4. Tatsumaki

What Tasumaki lacks in physical strength when compared to Saitama, he more than makes up for in mental ability. She can fly at superhuman speeds, create psychic barriers, and halt high-speed projectiles to fire them at her attacker, all using her psychic powers. She can also lift entire landmarks off the ground.


5. Garou

Last on our list is Garou, who used to study under Silver fang before parting ways following his fellow disciples coming to harm by his hand. Often referred to as the ''Hero Hunter'' due to his need to track down heroes, which includes S-Class members. Garou heals himself at a rapid rate, add in his martial arts skills, and the fact that he can adapt his body to fight more vigorous opponents, and he turns into a human-beast of a hybrid.

Have a One Punch character that you think should have made our list? Let us know!