Will the real BOP please stand up?!


The first time we ever saw the Bird of Prey team working together was in the middle of the 90s. For those who haven't read the comics or seen the girls in action, they are essentially a team of superheroines banded together in a fight for justice. The original members of the Birds of Prey were Barbara Gordon and the Black Canary, although the team has vastly changed since it was first formed. The comic book series became so popular among fans that DC decided to give the green light to the February 2020 release of the Birds of Prey movie.

With the members of Birds of Prey changing so frequently, it's no easy feat to keep on top of who's in the gang, so we've put together a list of some of our favorite Birds of prey members that we think you'll love too. 


1. Black Canary

At the top of our list is one of the founders of Oracle's special ops Bird of Prey, making her first comic-book appearance in 1986 Flash Comics #86. Dinah Laurel Lance is the team’s star martial artist and has an ultrasonic attack she calls her “Canary Cry”. 


2. Batgirl (Oracle)

We first see Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, appearing in 1967 issue #359 of Detective Comics. Batgirl got her name as she went dressed as a bat to go to a party, although on her way, she gets pulled aside to investigate the events of a crime scene. She clearly did a great job as Batman recruited her to fight alongside him until later on when she has a run-in with Joker, which leaves her paralyzed. The events lead to Barbara switching things up to become Oracle as a member of the Birds of Prey team, working as a tech-genius and security hacker.


3. Katana

Tatsu Yamashiro made her debut appearance in 1983 in issue #200 of The Brave and the Bold comics. She was your ordinary girl who had an excellent grasp of martial arts. Tatsu faces several mishaps in her lifetime and ends up taking her martial arts to the next level as a samurai. She trained hard, which ultimately resulted in her becoming Katana, heading to America in search of justice, temporarily filling the shoes of barbara Gordon to join the Birds of Prey.


4. Gypsy

We first see Cynthia/Cyndy Reynolds landing in issue #2 of the Justice League of America Annual in 1984. Cyndy is another character who lived a pretty average life with her family and suddenly decided she'd give up wearing shoes for good. At the age of 14, Cindy developed metahuman illusory powers.  Around this time, Cyndy decided to flee her home due to her arguing and abusive parents. Shortly after she joined the JLA followed by the Birds of Prey.


5. Manhunter

One of the more recent entrants on our list goes by the name of Kate spencer, who we first saw an appearance of in 2004 in issue #1 of Manhunter volume 3. Kate worked as a federal prosecutor, and over time she got fed up seeing crimes committed with no punishment. Kate raids an evidence locker to steal a bunch of equipment with the objective or murdering criminals vigilante-style. At the time of Black Canary leaving the Birds of Prey for the Justice League, Manhunter gets an invite to the team to fill in for the missing member.

Although there are a number of other members who've joined birds of prey such as Poison ivy and Catwoman, we've included our favorite picks. Who were your favorite members of Birds of Prey? Let us know!