The best of the best when it comes to incredible gamer apparel

Walking into your local Walmart, JCPenney or Macy’s can sometimes yield decent results when you’re on the lookout for quality gaming t-shirts. But more often than not, you’ll come across an underwhelming collection of graphic tees that feature a generic logo or uninspired image that’s connected to your favorite gaming franchise. 

For gamers, there’s plenty of better clothing brand options to tap into whenever you’re in the mood to wear something that proudly represents your game of choice. The 10 clothing companies listed below are the best of the best when it comes to incredible gamer apparel. Each and every one of these standout clothing brands produces a bunch of well-crafted and artistic pieces of gear that caters to the hardcore gamer in your inner circle and, of course, you.

hot topic

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a hugely popular retail chain that deals in offering all sorts of clothing and accessories for every type of fandom. It seems like each and every mall in America has a Hot Topic housed within its walls that’s jam-packed with Funko Pop Vinyl’s, board games, and a nice array of clothing for metalheads and the gothic/emo crowd. Along with all of that merchandise is a varied lineup of gamer tees that covers everything from Fortnite to Danganronpa. Gamers of every age group have a lot of awesome shirts to choose from within Hot Topic.

design by humans

Design by Humans

If you’re on the lookout for wonderfully designed shirts that are brought to life by independent artists, Design by Humans should be one of your main destinations. The online retailer’s brand of licensed products stand out the most – among those beloved brands are a few notable gaming IP’s, such as Sea of Thieves, Borderlands 3, Assassin’s Creed, and even Nintendo’s cast of iconic characters. The fan art apparel that’s available through Design by Humans tends to be the best of the best, so feel free to support their community of up and coming designers.


Glitch Gaming Apparel

The next gaming apparel selection on our list has a nice assortment of t-shirt brands that are connected to gaming’s biggest franchises. Ubisoft fans can pick up an Assassin’s Creed Syndicate shirt, Bethesda fans can adorn themselves in Fallout 4 gear, and Microsoft fans can show their love and appreciation for the company’s gaming IP’s with exclusive Gears of War and Halo apparel. There are t-shirts, hoodies, hats, jackets and so much more to choose from when you’re perusing through Glitch Gaming Apparel’s high-quality wardrobe selection.



Redbubble is another successful apparel and accessories company that gives independent artists a place to showcase their creations. Dresses, hoodies, leggings, skirts, socks, tank tops, and t-shirts are all present and accounted for here. On the t-shirt front, Redbubble offers an incredible lineup of gaming gear that offers original takes on your favorite characters. The 1UP Soda/Super Mario Bros. mushroom design, Dungeons & Dragons-inspired drive-in diner getup and the Bowser Kaiju monster graphic tee are just a small sampling of the best-looking clothing options available through Redbubble.

public space

Public Space

This clothing company has been given plenty of love and adoration for their slick vaporware inspired gear. And once you scroll through Public Space’s web pages full of slick apparel, you’ll quickly realize why. Public Space is home to two designers by the name of Eric Wu and Tammy Chow, who have partnered together to produce clothing that’s all about honoring the best parts of pop culture and the feelings of nostalgia they elicit. Nintendo and even PlayStation-related hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts are all over Public Space’s website. Plus anime/manga heads have a ton of dope clothing options to choose from as well.



You’ve probably noticed that the majority of these clothing companies are outlets for independent artists and their top-notch work. Teepublic is another one of those entities that offer original takes on pop culture’s biggest properties. Their line of gaming-inspired t-shirts and other wearable trinkets is remarkable. Teepublic offers some of the funniest and wholly unique clothing designs for franchises such as Splatoon, Cyberpunk 2077, Day of the Tentacle and so much more.



The uniquely named J!NX has built up a nice rapport with several big-name gaming publishers. If you want evidence of that statement, just take a look at the following list of brands they’ve managed to offer official merchandise for – Minecraft, The Witcher 3, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, The Division 2, Dragon Age, Ghost Recon, Mass Effect, PUBG and Anthem. Every last one of those gaming mainstays has an awesome shirt, hoodie, and hat that’s up for grabs through J!NX.



fangamer is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to get the most out of his or her gaming fandom. They’ve done a bang-up job when it comes to offering diehard gamers the coolest goods for the most legendary IP’s. Metal Gear Solid, Banjo-Kazooie, Monster Hunter, Stardew Valley and a ton of other gaming luminaries are given more than a fair shake though fangamer. Clothes, pins, soundtracks, books, etc. are all up for grabs through the company’s massive retail website. And speaking of clothes, their vast array of t-shirts, outerwear, polos, tank tops, hats, and other wearable accessories are top of the line.


RIPT Apparel

Custom t-shirts are what RIPT Apparel knows best and excels at. They’re in the business of selling highly artistic clothing that showcases the best parts of the 80s and 90s. And more specifically, the most popular and highly underrated comics, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime and horror properties of all time. Now when it comes to gaming, RIPT sells a slew of t-shirts that feature clever crossovers. Like, a Cowboy Bebop/Fallout collaboration or a Dragon Ball Z/Marvel vs. Capcom spinoff graphic tee. RIPT Apparel’s t-shirts are God-tier levels of awesome.

insert coin

Insert Coin Clothing

Insert Coin Clothing is one of those gaming apparel companies that’s all about offering the type of gear non-gamers would even love to wear. Their slick collection of varsity jackets is pure fire (especially the SEGA logo adorned one!). Alongside that piece of gear is a ton of other clean clothing options that feature the logo and characters from Persona 5, Fallout, Ghost of Tsushima, DOOM, etc. Insert Coin Clothing’s apparel easily catches the eye and curiosity of gamers and non-gamers alike.